Sack snacks

Food for kids over the weekend

Quite awhile ago we realized that a large number of school age children from families that receive our food pantry items also qualify for the free lunch program in our schools. We felt pretty good that between what Perry Helping Perry does from the Food Pantry and the free lunch program the children were being well fed every day.

Then we realized that the free lunch program supplies nothing for over the weekend. Lots of children were going to be hungry over the weekend.

Thus, the Sack Snacks plan was formed.

Sack Snacks are take home sacks of snacks prepared throughout the school year by Perry Helping Perry volunteers and then distributed to all the schools in the Perry Local School District. From the schools they are discreetly given to qualifying children. In the 2018-2019 school year we distribute 361 sack snacks a week.

Each Sack Snack contains:

2 Breakfasts

2 Lunches

2 Snack items

On long weekends we add an extra days worth of the above. This way the school age children that otherwise may not get enough to eat, now do.

Check out our events calendar or Facebook page for the sack snack packing schedule.

Sack snacks are completely funded by donations. Click here to donate.

Thank you!